[WebBuild] Use Hugo to build a website

New Website Opens.

After a long time using Wordpress as my website structure, I felt that it is a little heavy to write a post. The structure gives you too many choices and that’s all graphical operation that always let me distracted. What’s more, you have to maintain a full server keeping both the front end and the back end working. Therefore, I chose to use Hugo to rebuild my website, which can make static websites easily and let me focus on the content rather than form.

And this is the website built with Hugo, I have changed some configures in line with my usage habits. Main settings are as follows:

  1. Structure - Hugo + GitHub Page, it’s free, simple and needs little maintenance.
  2. Theme choice - Hugo theme stack, the theme is simple and intuitive.
  3. Custom domain - niugens.com, Github’s domain is hard to remember, so I use a simple one to redirect to GitHub page.
  4. Search engine indexability - Using Google analyze ID to let this website more indexable.

Something else which is a little hard is not done right now, including:

  1. Comment system.
  2. Muti-level categories.
  3. Life-plan calendar system.
  4. Links’ initialization.

Hope to take full advantage of this site to express and record my progress.

The building process refers to many others’ instructions, including 失迹の博客, 雨临Lewis, Sulv’s Blog, Cassius’s Blog, Kyrie.
Thanks for them.

CC BY-NC-ND, written in Nanjing, Apr 2023
Last updated on Apr 18, 2023 00:00 UTC
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